Jennifer wants to build a product, and she wants to know;

  • Whether the product idea is valid one or not?
  • How much time and resources it is going to take?
  • What could be the major risks, and how they can be managed proactively?
  • Which are the tools and techniques that will help her in this endeavor of hers?
  • Is it possible for someone to mentor her throughout her journey?

For answers to the questions above for Jennifer’s product development project click here

Ramanujam is about to start a new product development assignment in a product company. He is working on the product development strategy, and not very sure about whether he should follow the traditional project management approach or the agile approach. What about a mix of both traditional and agile?. Will it work?. Click here 

Johnson has around five years of experience in projects. The next career progression is as a project manager. Before getting into that role, he wants to gain the PMP (Project Management Professional credential by PMI, USA). More than his interest, it his company’s policy as well. He wants guidance on how to gain the PMP credential within the shortest possible time and least effort.

Recently Mohammed  attended an interview for a job in a software company. He is already a PMP. Unfortunately, most of the interview questions were from the agile world, and he missed the opportunity. He wants to learn more about agile, and if possible get certified?

Venkat is a successful entrepreneur, owning a software company comprising of around one hundred professionals. His team was following waterfall model which is not catering to the shorter delivery time and frequent scope changes demanded by their clients. He wants to know whether agile frameworks will help him?

Suri is just completing his graduation, and he wants to understand professional project management in order to improve his career prospects.

Jennifer, Ramanujam, Johnson, Mohammed, Venkat and Suri have different reasons to explore further about professional project management. Your reasons could be similar or different.  Please get in touch with us so that we can understand your goals and requirements in detail and work along with you in achieving them.  Click here.